Deja Vu All Over Again …

Andrew Sullivan has a recent post beginning:

BUSH'S TAX HIKES: They're coming. And they will be much more severe than his father's. Sure, the president may have managed to forestall them until he is out of office - but he will have made them inevitable by his fiscal profligacy; and he will bear primary responsibility for them.

… which seemed awfully darned familiar. Compare with this from slightly over a month ago:

BUSH'S TAX INCREASES: They're inevitable. This president, who knows how to duck personal responsibility, may not have to preside over them. But his successor will be forced to. …

And both posts link to Bruce Bartlett articles (in the NYT last month, in NRO this month).

I (idly) wonder if Sullivan even noticed that he managed to post nearly the same article within a relatively short timeframe, without acknowledging the earlier post in the later one. Or is his single-minded Bush hatred giving him amnesia?

No problem at this blog! Here's what I had to say about Sully's article last month (with pictures!). (It's tempting to summarize here, but that would mean I'd be as bad as Andrew.)

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