Flags of Our Fathers

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I wanted to like this movie a lot more than I did, because Clint Eastwood, who directed, is pretty much a Cinematic God. It's the story of the men who raised the famous flag on Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima in 1945. And here are the lessons the movie drives home with all the subtlety of a brick to the noggin:

  1. War is hell.

  2. Especially so on Iwo Jima.

  3. Being a war hero is no picnic either.

  4. Especially if your government is using you as a bond-sale tool.

  5. And you know that the flag thing was probably the least dangerous thing you did while you were on that damned flyspeck island.

  6. And, in any case, when your usefulness is over, everyone forgets you.

  7. On the other hand, you get to marry Melanie Lynskey.

So, save that final bit, it's pretty bleak and depressing and pointless. Waaaah! Fine for some, not my cup of sake.

One of the flag-raisers, Rene Gagnon, was from Manchester, NH. Janice Brown has an excellent article about Rene at her Cow Hampshire blog.

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