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  • Pun Salad shies away from foreign policy, but Gateway Pundit makes a juxtaposition that even your blogger understands:
    Next week the Obama Administration will allow Ahmadinejad, Castro, Chavez, Gaddafi and several other international thugs into New York City to speak in front of the United Nations General Assembly. However, one country's president will not be allowed into the United States.

    President Roberto Micheletti from Honduras will not be allowed to enter into America. The Obama Administration revoked his visa back in July.

  • And, well, you've probably heard about Obama's decision to scrap plans for a missile defense system based in the Czech Republic and Poland. Commentary's Jennifer Rubin echoes my feelings with one sentance in a longer post:
    Obama is in the business of kowtowing to the world's bullies.
    Put this together with the previous item, and I'd find it difficult to conclude otherwise.

  • Will Wilkinson posts a video of our mutual hero, Milton Friedman "arguing for the abolition of licensure for doctors at the Mayo Clinic." Will compares the "histrionics" of today's conservatives unfavorably with Professor Friedman. Point taken, but just about anyone, liberal or conservative, then or now, compares unfavorably with Professor Friedman.

  • On the other hand, GQ compiled a list of America's 25 Douchiest Colleges. Spoiler: the University Near Here is not in that list. But a University Near You might be, so check it out.

    It would be tough to find a better response to GQ than that of the University of Virginia's student paper. Sample:

    Though the recognition is appreciated, GQ has in reality doled out a backhanded compliment: clearly, the University deserves to be ranked much higher on this list. Furthermore, we have qualms with the word "douchey" -- it is not that students here are douches, but rather that they are simply better than everyone else.
    (Via University Diaries.)

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