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The first thing I checked out after watching this movie: what genre does IMDB think it's in? Answer: "Action, Comedy, Drama". "Comedy" is stretching things a bit; I'd toss in "Fantasy". It's safe to say that it's not formulaic.

Anne Hathaway portrays Gloria, initially living with Tim (Matthew Crawley himself, Dan Stevens). She's a mess, unemployed, getting drunk nightly, not coming home until dawn's early light, and generally a loser. Tim tells her to move out, and she returns to the small town in which she grew up. (Which is allegedly in New Hampshire, although the movie was actually filmed in British Columbia.)

But as it turns out when Gloria walks through a certain school playground, a huge monster simultaneously appears in Seoul Korea. And apes her every movement, even when that involves destroying buildings, stepping on mass transit vehicles, etc.

In the background (initially) is an old friend from her elementary school days, Oscar. He now runs his family's bar, and he offers Gloria a waitressing job. But (aha!) is there more to their relationship than meets the eye? (Spoiler: yup.)

A very watchable movie, but a little unfocused as far as the plot goes. (What is Oscar's deal, anyway?)