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  • Yeah, I want one.

  • George Reisman subjects a New York Times article on "conservation" efforts in Japan to a brutal analysis. A panoply of expensive subsidies, high taxes, wide-ranging regulation, and government hectoring have brought the "glorious green future" there, and George is less than impressed with the wondrous results.
    We can supposedly all look forward to the day when we will be as advanced as the Japanese and energy will cost us twice as much as it now does. When we too will be unable to afford central heating and will have to live in houses half their present size. When we will have to gather our entire family into the one heated room in the house. When we will have to follow one another into the same bathwater, and then use that bathwater to wash our clothes, which we will have to dry outdoors, as our great-grandparents did. When we will have to wear long underwear and sweaters to keep warm indoors.
    (Via Poor and Stupid.)

  • Drew Cline (among other things) takes notice of Katrina vanden Heuvel's list of the ten bills she want passed in the new Congress, and comments:
    Notice how many of them seek to use government to compel people to behave as vanden Heuvel wants them to behave.
    Yeah. It's another kick in the teeth to that whole liberal/libertarian alliance thing.

  • There's something about 6174. (Via BBSpot.)