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  • Tired of wussy Republican senators? Me too. Here's something you can do to register your tiredness.

  • And Erick over at Red State has picked up and aptly summarized something I've noticed about the current crop of GOP presidential candidates: they all suck.

    That is one great benefit George W. Bush has right now. Compared to these guys, W. is the BSD (ask John Derbyshire if you don't know what that is and it has nothing to do with computers) king titan in charge. There is no one to offer inspiration, excitement, or an articulate defense of conservatism out there.

    Maybe looking to politicians for inspiration and excitement is something we need to get over.

  • I was also impressed with Jane Galt's mini-essay on the inherent psychologies and biases involved in the abortion debate. Even if you can't stand to read another thing about abortion, it's very worth reading.

  • <joke lameness="max">And I've been meaning to read Amy Kane's article on procrastination, but … well, you know.</joke>

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Well, Now, If We Wanted to Take the Children to See Komodo Dragon Babies … Where Would We Take the Children to See Komodo Dragon Babies?

The Chester Zoo in Manchester, England.

You can learn much more about Komodo dragons right here.