The Google Says Pun Salad is Your Go-To Blog For …

Grepping and Awking the past month's server logs, people got here via googling:

  • british jokes taking the piss out of accuweather. Someone will have to explain to me what that's supposed to mean, though.

  • "Positively 4th Street" trotsky. Apparently the old Dylan song is about the old commie? Who knew?

  • eva mendes getting slapped on ass 2fast 2furious. I'm sorry, that's not here. I mean, I'm really sorry that's not here.

  • girl riding mechanical bull at murray state nude. Honest, I wouldn't know anything about that either. Now if it were Eva Mendes, …

  • deadly octopi. An Australian species has venomous suckers that can prove fatal to humans. Not that this is the best place to go to learn that.

  • urdu jokes bad wording. I wonder if our visitor was looking for Urdu jokes with bad wording, or Urdu jokes about bad wording. If anyone has PG-13 examples of either, please send 'em in.

  • guaranteed to shake christian belief. Not likely. We run a Baby Jesus-friendly website here.

  • [Cathy
Poulin] But by far the most common way people get here via the Google is by looking for something about Cathy Poulin, the woman appearing in TV ads for Bob's Discount Furniture, pictured at right.

    I think I will make her this blog's official obsession.

    I've noticed that, in recent ads, Bob has started calling her "Cathy", a change from her usual anonymous, yet irritating, presence. And, God help me, I'm actually starting to not be annoyed by her. If this were a movie comedy, I'm sure we all know where this would be heading. Fortunately, it's not.

    She'll be appearing on Saturday, February 17th at the new Bob's in Farmingdale, NY, so all you wackos dear readers that come here looking for Ms. Poulin will want to make your arrangements now.

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