"Don't Just Do Something, Stand There"

The article summary at American.com reads:

The federal government sometimes takes obscure actions that actually help the economy, big-time. Matthew Rees selects five of the best ever.

Now, I'm a pretty libertarian guy, but even I can mumble "public good" and realize there are some pretty good empirical and theoretical arguments for state action in some cases.

But on reading the article, it turns out that Rees's five "best ever" obscure actions can be classified as: deregulation, tax deferral/cut, free trade agreement, deregulation, and deregulation. The best "actions" turn out to mostly involve the government ceasing its actions, or deciding not to do anything in the first place.

Here I was, looking for a challenge to my dogmatic libertarianism, and came away with reinforcement. Sigh. Well, I can learn to live with disappointment.

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Oy Vey!

The Guardian reports on another milestone in the slow-motion demise of the socialist dream:

Nearly a century after it was founded, Israel's first and most famous kibbutz has voted to give up its early socialist ideals and to privatise itself.

The article reports that about two-thirds of Israel's kibbutzim have adopted privatization in the last few years.

(Via Cafe Hayek, "where orders emerge.")

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