A Little More on REAL ID

In case you aren't sick of it yet: Yesterday's USA Today editorial came out swinging in support of REAL ID. They gave an ACLU guy some space to respond, but Jim Harper would have been a better choice. He takes the editoral apart, argument by argument. Sample point:

Careful observers noted the contrast between Secretary Chertoff's urgency when speaking to Congress about REAL ID and his Department's willingness to kick implementation down the road another year and a half, to December 2009. Cards wouldn't even be in everyone's hands until 2013. This puts the lie to the idea that a national ID is a security tool at all.
A vital security tool … that we're not going to completely implement for a real long time.

If You Look Up "Travesty" in the Dictionary …

Lots of bytes flung on the Scooter Libby verdict over the past couple days, huh? One of my favorite quotes is from this (otherwise worthless) WaPo article.

While the White House publicly withheld comment, some Bush advisers expressed outrage, seeing a double standard and citing the documents-smuggling case of former Clinton national security adviser Samuel R. Berger. "Scooter didn't do anything," said former Cheney counselor Mary Matalin. "And his personal record and service are impeccable. How do you make sense of a system where a security principal admits to stuffing classified docs in his pants and says, 'I'm sorry,' and a guy who is rebutting a demonstrable partisan liar is going through this madness?"

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