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  • Ann Coulter advocates: Let's Make America a 'Sad-Free Zone'!. Well, she's kidding. My very own Congresswoman, Carol Shea-Porter, is apparently not:
    As a nation, we must use this awful moment to commit ourselves to building a society where every person is safe from the threat of harm. We must do everything in our power to make such horrendous violence not only unthinkable but next to impossible.
    Quoted by Drew Cline, who comments appropriately. The phrase "nonsensical emotional response" appears.

  • Jay Tea says you should read it. The Weekend Pundit says you should read it. Instapundit linked to it. I said you should read it. At this point it's practically inconceivable that you haven't, but just in case: Seeing the Unseen, Part 2 by Bill Whittle. Enough hectoring?

  • Andrew Ferguson has a pretty good article on Katie Couric remembering "somebody else's first library card."
    According to the spokesman, Katie "was horrified" to discover that the words that had come out of her mouth and had been published under her name were in fact the work of someone else.

    No, wait--that can't be right. When she spoke and published the words, Katie had to know they weren't her own. When the words came out of her mouth, she thought they were the work of someone she had hired to put them there.


  • Down at the University of Rhode Island, the College Republicans advertised, satirically, a $100 scholarship, with eligibility to only white, heterosexual American males. Predictably, many at the school went bananas. This might have been yet another story about how a college administration failed to appreciate how the First Amendment applies to public universities; but, in an interesting twist, it's the URI Student Senate that's "derecognizing" the College Republicans, while the URI's President Carothers is actually showing some vertebra:
    However, in the end, we cannot grant any group with power the ability to ignore the fundamental rights of individuals or groups to free speech. Were I to attempt to prevent any student or group of students from speaking what they believe, then I too would be in violation of our most basic principles as a nation.
    The above quote taken from FIRE's Torch blog, which has more information and links.

  • For which query do you think you'd get more hits on the Google: flip-flop "Mitt Romney" or Doonesbury bullshit? Mark Liberman at Language Log has the answer and interesting commentary.

  • Finally, apropros of nothing: I missed attending "Mass Communication for the Masses: The Power of Weblogs", a panel up at Dartmouth this afternoon. I missed seeing Ann Althouse, Roger Simon, John Hinderaker, Joe Malchow and more. Darn it! (As a longtime fanboy, I would totally have brought along a Moses Wine book for Roger to sign.) And all because of my stupid day job. If you went, don't gloat.

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