URLs du Jour


  • If Fred Thompson is writing his own stuff, it's pretty impressive. Any other candidates quoting Thomas Sowell?

  • Life lesson: your genius in one area (e. g., music) does not mean you'll be any good at all in another area (e. g., performing for kindergarteners without coming across as weird and scary).

    Still, give the man respect for trying this at all. Kids are a tough crowd. All he was really trying to do was, baby, to be friends with them.

  • Geoffrey K. Pullum speculates on the probability of his dropped keyboard generating an accidental Unix/Linux shell command. A must-read for every geek who might be in that situation, although here at Pun Salad Manor it would more likely be the result of meandering kd;lyb tds as4 Hey, get off! … cat paws.