URLs du Gore


I see no controlling legal authority that forbids me from doing so, so:

  • Bill Gnade bills himself as "incurably Algore-aphobic." Hey, me too! Al's new book, out today, is entitled The Assault on Reason; Bill is preemptively unimpressed:

    Al Gore's book is, like so many deeds and screeds of too many today, mere psychological projection. Mr. Gore is going to point out the sins of others not knowing (apparently) that such sins are his own. … And the only sins any one of us is truly expert in is the sins that are indeed our own. The Assault on Reason is a child's game of distraction: Look! What's that behind you?! Mr. Gore hopes you will ignore what is in front of your face, just so he can slink away.

    Bill also has a fill-in-the-blank challenge going. I can't improve on what's already there, but I bet you can, so click on over.

  • Anklebiter B. T. also has comments on Al's "'Assault on Reason' world tour" and his "sycophant enablers in the media". Conclusion:

    The more Al Gore speaks, the easier it is to see who is really carrying out an "assault on reason". And since he advocates we watch less TV, I say we start watching less TV about the same time This Week comes on, so our reasoning can recover from assaults like the one perpetrated by Al Gore and his sycophants.

    B. T. has a long memory, which informs his views on this matter.

  • Joanne Jacobs notes that Al's movie An Inconvenient Truth is making progress toward being renamed An Unavoidable Bore, at least by today's schoolkids:

    • A Bronx Assemblyman wants it to be shown to every student, every year, starting in the first grade.

    • A Northern Ontario high schooler reports that he was required to watch it four times over the past academic year, in four different classes.


  • OK, this last one is not about Al, but was there ever a better headline about John Edwards than:

    (Via Protein Wisdom.)

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