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  • Is the ACLU turning into just another "free speech for the people we agree with" organization? Wendy Kaminer thinks so. At Phi Beta Cons, David French agrees and comments:
    In fact, in the arena of student speech (particularly university student speech), it seems that there could and should be left/right consensus on the First Amendment framework. There's just no constitutionally defensible reason to protect the expression of one side of a political/cultural/religious debate while labeling the other side "harassment." If nothing else, there is one compelling reason for the left to embrace free speech on campus: People like me would have to find new jobs.
    And I'd have to find other stuff to blog about.

  • Are the folks at Jeopardy! meekly acquiescing to China's domination of Tibet? Bill Poser at Language Log thinks so. (Playing along at home last night, I also yelled out the "wrong" answer, but—I swear—I'm not just posting this due to sour grapes. Commie bastards…)

  • The new NH-02 congressman, Paul Hodes, made the news! Unfortunately, the headline is "Freshmen fail first ethics test". (Via Wizbang!.)

  • We did the Al Gore stuff yesterday. But when an Ann Althouse post contains a quote like this:
    [Gore was] eating like a maniac: I watched him inhale the clam dip at a reception like a man who doesn't know when his next meal will be coming.
    … it's pretty much a must-link. Even when the quote is fourth-hand via Maureen Dowd.

  • Perhaps this decade's most useful page: the Parody Motivator Generator. Sensitive souls may want to avert their eyes from my effort, lest they weep.

    [Parody Motivator Generator]

    Y'all can do better! Let's see 'em. (Via GeekPress, of course.)

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