In Other News: Melville Claims Moby Dick Not About Whales

You're never too old to learn something. From BoingBoing:

Ray Bradbury has given a disappointing speech in which he claims that his inspirational novel Fahrenheit 451 has nothing to do with censorship -- as has long been held. Bradbury says that the book was intended as a jeremiad against television.
"Disappointing" is in the eye of the BoingBoing writer, of course, and (following the linked article), it turns out that it wasn't a speech, but an interview. Further fun fact from the article: Bradbury walked out of a UCLA class where the kids were insisting that 451 was about censorship. There's a further link where you can view Quicktime video(!) of Bradbury explaining it all.

Disappointing? Only to those who are disappointed when a fondly held worldview is challenged. Mr. Bradbury coming up on 87; he's reached a point where he should be able to say pretty much anything he wants without people carping about it.