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I dragged the family to the sneak preview of Ratatouille. There's no big surprises here: it's a Pixar film, written and directed by Brad Bird, which pretty much means it's as good as it gets.

The premise is that a French rat has aspirations to become a gourmet cook. Complications ensue when … oh, heck, it doesn't matter. Just go see it, for goodness' sake.

I was enough of a geek to notice that Pixar's CGI technology has gotten noticably (even) better. Again. Check the details on the rat fur!

I've said this before, but: how is it that I deserve to live in a time and place that produces works like this?

There is also a hilarious short feature, Lifted, preceding the feature. It (finally) answers the question: do aliens have to learn how to abduct humans? Why yes they do, and some of them aren't very good at it.

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