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Happy Solstice to all you pagans out there. But if I find you guys dancing naked on my lawn again this year, I will call the cops. No kidding, and I don't care how many of my family are arrested with you.

  • A recent "Think Progress" article decries the "domination" of talk radio by "conservatives." It offers a pretty typical (and pathetic) "progressive" solution: increased Federal regulation of radio ownership, aimed at increasing "diversity." (Am I getting in enough sneer quotes for you?)

    Apparently putting together radio programming to which people might actually want to listen of their own volition is too difficult for "progressives," so they want the coercive power of the state to make things a little easier. Never mind that the whole "progressive" idea is radically regressive, harkening back to the bad old days when lots of people thought government bureaucrats and technocrats would wisely plan the economy for the common good.

    Fortunately there are no Truth In Labeling laws for ideologies, otherwise a lot of "progressives" would find themselves in jail. For an actually no-sneer progressive idea, check this Slate article from a few months back: Abolish the FCC.

    "Progressive" link via an AnkleBiter. Also commenting are Mark Levin, Paul at Wizbang, and James Gattuso, who calls the proposal "as wrong as it is dangerous." ("Other than that, though, it's fine!") Michelle Malkin calls it—heh!— the "Hugo Chavez approach to the radio airwaves."

    But nothing I can see at the Reason website. What's up with that? Too easy?

  • Various bloggers are exposing themselves to ridicule by going through the Forbes Celebrity 100 and listing the members they don't know.

    Hey, why not? Here are mine: #24, Michael Schumacher; #31, Ronaldinho; #38, Roger Federer; #41, Kimi Raikkonen; #48, LeBron James; #53, Gisele Bundchen; #58, Valentino Rossi; #93, Rhonda Byrne; and #98, Hayden Panettiere. Rhonda's the only one I think I concievably "should have" known. Other than that, you have a pretty good profile of sports I don't even come close to following, and a TV show I've managed to avoid.

  • On a related note, PC Magazine posts "Our 15 Favorite Celebrity Websites." I had heard of everyone here save someone/something called "Daughtry", how about you? Observations:

  • Fans of the Lio comic strip will not want to miss this installment of Retail from a few days back.

    "The little weirdo hasn't said a word." Heh!

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George Lucas Was Unavailable For Comment

The ABC radio news announcer at 6am this morning reported that thousands of "droids" had gathered at Stonehenge to celebrate the summer solstice.