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  • Pun Salad was far from the only blog noting the labelling of terrorists as a "diverse group." Iowahawk helpfully forwards a recent warning from British safety officials:
    London - British public safety officials today increased the national alert level to "Quite Elevated Indeed" -- the highest category possible -- and appealed to UK citizens to "keep a sharp lookout for diverse people engaged in activities."

  • Unfortunately, looks as this is no mere thoughtless nod to Political Correctness. Little Green Footballs links to this Daily Mail article, which outlines the new Anti-Clarity Guidelines in effect in England and the rest of Europe.
    Gordon Brown's ban on the word "Muslim" in relation to terrorism can be blamed on the EU.

    The prime minister has told Cabinet members not to mention "Muslim" and "terrorism" in the same breath.

    It comes after the European Commission issued a guide for government spokesmen to avoid offence by ruling out the words such as "jihad", "Islamic" or "fundamentalist" in statements about terrorist attacks.

    It has been working with governments to make sure "non-offensive" phrases are used when announcing anti-terrorist operations or dealing with terrorist attacks.

    It is not the first time the EU has tackled the issue of language - last year its guidelines suggested that the phrase "terrorists who abusively invoke Islam" should be used rather than "Islamic terrorism".

    In other news, the EU suggests a "spade" be called "an implement commonly used for digging, but don't stereotype it in that way, you dreadful bigot."

  • Buzz Lileks continues to amuse and impress at his new gig. If you've ever seen Hints from Heloise in your newspaper, you'll want to check out his speculations on how Hinters think. Commenters chime in cleverly on his suggestion: "Rejected Hints for Heloise."

  • Sorry, Miss New Hampshire, I've already committed to root for someone else at the pageant this year. (Via Ace, who remarks: "Judges were impressed by her pageant talent, which consisted of killing a Taliban by jabbing a crochet-hook through his eye.")

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