URLs du Jour


  • Your Steely Dan lyric du jour is "Daddy can't get no fine cigar." Especially if the Feds raise the per-stogie tax to 10 dollars. Prof Bainbridge is, understandably and justifiably, outraged.

  • Eugene Volokh researches the unexpectedly thorny topic of whether someone from Spain is considered "Hispanic." He quotes from seven different federal and state regulations, which give (to put it mildly) totally inconsistent results. The good professor doesn't say it, but I will: it's yet another indication of how governmental pigeonholing of people by race and ethnicity is, to the extent it's not totally arbitrary and capricious, guided primarily by politics. The sooner this sort of thing goes away, the better.

  • Here's a good idea:
    On this upcoming September 11th, I am putting together a group of people to go down to Ground Zero and hand out pamphlets titled "The Truth About 9/11". Inside the pamphlet will be the actual truth about 9/11 (19 Muslim men flew planes into our buildings, etc.).
    Did I say good idea? Excellent idea! It's way past time to start pushing back against vile lies. (Via Michelle.)

  • Speaking of vile lies, that whole thing about steamed pork buns filled (instead) with chemical-soaked cardboard in China seems to have been a hoax. If you want to eat cardboard in a bun, you'll have to go to McDonald's like everyone else.

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