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I had a premo… a very definite feeling that this movie wasn't going to be so hot, but unfortunately rented it anyway. It turns out I should have listened.

Like Billy Pilgrim in Slaughterhouse 5, Sandra Bullock has become unstuck in time. For some reason, she's living the days in one week out of order. This also happens to be the week her husband gets seriously killed in a car accident. This combination causes her emotions to run the gamut among confusion, raving lunacy, sullenness, and horror as her spouse alternates between life and death. Most people aren't sympathetic to her predicament.

Two problems: I like to see Sandy a little more cheerful than this. (Fortunately, there's a gag reel included on the DVD, which is more fun than the movie.) Also, the temporal bouncing-around is fine, but it should be in support of an interesting underlying story, which really isn't the case here.

A priest shows up at some point—where have I seen this guy before? A few seconds with IMDB… Embarrasingly, it turned out to be Mike Novick from 24!

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