Shamelessly Stolen from Professor Drezner

Dan Drezner deems this clip from August of 2006 to be NESN's Greatest Moment … Ever. It's hard to disagree, as Lenny Clarke and Dennis Leary join Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo for a few outs at Fenway Park. For context: it was shortly after Mel Gibson was stopped for erratic driving and made his anti-Semitic rant.

Gabe Kapler is now managing the single-A Greenville (SC) Drive, and Kevin Youkilis is still with the Red Sox this year.

[I wanted to blog this at the time, but the video was only on YouTube for about 23 minutes, as it apparently lacked the Express Written Consent of Major League Baseball.]

[UPDATE: Hm, sometimes the clip shows, sometimes there's just a big white expanse of nothing. If you're seeing the whitespace: Trust me, it was funny. Might work if you check back later.]

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UNH: We're Ranked!

The Princeton Review people have come out with their latest rankings of colleges. You might have already heard the big news: UNH has returned to the top-10 ranks of "party schools." We are, in fact, number 7. The Princeton Review website (free registration required for browsing) has other rankings for UNH:

#19 Their Students (Almost) Never Study
#9 Homogeneous Student Population
#4 Little Race/Class Interaction
#4 Lots of Beer
#6 Town-Gown Relations are Strained

As you may know, Pun Daughter is a UNH student. I guess she shouldn't have thrown that beer can at the Durham selectman when she was wandering around town looking for a party with students of her own race/class, but what else are you going to do when you (almost) never study?