Live Free or Die

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This independently-made movie was shot in scenic Claremont, New Hampshire, and it takes the NH state motto for its title. This made it a must-see for me, but I can't recommend it to anyone not similarly motivated.

The protagonist is John "Rugged" Rudgate, and longtime fans of The Onion may note an uncanny resemblance to that magazine's longtime columnist Jim Anchower. Rugged is a perpetual loser with a minor gift of foulmouthed gab; his driving ambition seems to become a petty criminal, but he can't even get his act together enough to manage that. At the beginning of the movie he meets up with a high school acquaintance who has inherited half-ownership of the local self-service storage facility. This sets the plot clunking and sputtering along to its eventual conclusion.

It's 89 minutes, but it seems longer. There are some funny bits, but it's essentially a mediocre TV sitcom with dirty words. It was written and directed by two guys (Gregg Kavet and Andy Robin) who wrote some episodes of Seinfeld.

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