URLs du Jour


  • Looking for a tough, independent magazine that maintains impeccable journalistic standards in its political coverage? Keep looking.

  • Ben Stein is a little wacky sometimes, but he speaks for me here:
    But here is a truth: a freshly cooked Crisp Taco Supreme at Taco Bell tastes better than almost any food at any restaurant. A fresh McDonald's cheeseburger on a fresh bun tastes as good as any meal at any $100 a person restaurent.
    That will horrify the gourmands. Too bad. Also:
    Junk food is not the problem. In fact, in normal quantities, there is no such thing as junk food.

    Junk thought is the problem.

    Ben gets today's coveted Pun Salad "Read the Whole Thing" award.

  • Another kind of wonderfulness awaits those who (perhaps) have sat through numerous vocal performances of college or high school chorales and thought: that's nice, but I wish these talented kids would sing something, well, good. Lore Sjöberg's Slumbering Lungfish brings you: College All-Male A Capella Groups Sing Covers.

  • Meanwhile, over at Wondermark, little Marcus gets the inside scoop on the Internet, a lesson all bloggers should probably post within viewing range of their keyboards.