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  • I really have mixed feelings about this
    Alexey Tolstokozhev …, a Russian spammer, found murdered in his luxury house near Moscow. He has been shot several times with one bullet stuck in his head. According to authorities, this last head shot is a clear mark of russian hit men (known as "killers" in Russia).

    Who hated Tolstokozhev so much as to hire a hit man to assasinate him? Well, I guess you have about one billion e-mail users to suspect. Tolstokozhev was a famous spammer who sent millions of e-mail promoting viagra, cialis, penis enlargement pills and other medications. Links in these e-mails usually led to some pharmacy shop, which paid Tolstokozhev a share of its revenue. This is a well known affiliate scheme employed by spammers worldwide. Tolstokozhev is estimated to be responsible for up to 30% percent of all viagra and penis enlargement related spam.

    Well, actually, my feelings are not all that mixed. Fortunately, I believe I have an ironclad alibi. [Via the finally-good-for-something Andrew Sullivan.]

  • Back when I was reading comic books, first-time meetings between superheros would usually be momentous occasions, taking up an entire issue or more. In contrast, this one seems understated.

  • If you don't want to get sucked into a timewaster, then don't click here. [Link fixed August 2017.] But if you do: (a) it ends, don't worry; (b) try to get at least as far as the guy walking his pet atom, it's a hoot; (c) it helped to turn the brightness control on my monitor up. (And I'll say it, so you don't have to: too bad I don't have one of those for my brain.); (d) Via BBSpot.

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Congratulations, Al

Good news, everyone! At last, scientists may be able to observe a human being becoming so insufferable that he's transformed into a virtual black hole of insufferability. When such a body breaks free from any controlling legal authority, with no effective offsets in place, normal language skills are expected to fail. Nearby innocents may get sucked in by ever-increasing waves of fearmongering, fact-free assertion, and sheer demagoguery. Eventually the very fabric of reason is ripped asunder.

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