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Yeah, I thought so too.

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URLs du Jour


  • At the Cato@Liberty blog Chris Edwards notes a solid example of how high corporate tax rates hurt the American economy. It ain't Rocket Science.

  • Also from Cato@Liberty is Will Wilkinson with a longish post considering an argument from Matthew Yglesias on why we should go ahead and raisetaxesontherich without being so damned particular about various issues of morality and economics. Kudos to Will for taking this as seriously as he can, but his take-home point is pretty obvious:
    I suppose a virtue of Matt's argument for redistribution is that it doesn't even pretend to be fixing a problem.

  • Bill Watterson reviews a biography of Charles Schulz. If you remember who those two people are, you've probably clicked already.

  • Like to win the Nobel Peace Prize? Jesse Walker outlines possible strategies.

    And once you do that, you can look forward to a letter from the Nobel Peace Player's Club Selection Committee.