Perfect Stranger

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Another generic thriller title generated by the "Adjective Noun" software. That's never a good sign.

Halle Barry plays a supersecret undercover reporter. The opening scenes (seemingly ripped from the headlines) have her ambushing a gay Republican (of course) senator who's been harrassing his interns. She and her skilled-but-creepy tech geek co-worker (played by Giovanni Ribisi) go out and get drunk in celebration of their scoop, only to be notified that a key source has recanted and the story's being spiked. Halle quits in anger.

Not that that has anything to do with the entire rest of the movie, save to show that Halle's used to posing unconvincingly as someone she's not. A childhood friend then shows up, telling her about her illicit affair with advertising exec Bruce Willis, and how she plans to confront his wife. A few minutes later, she turns up gruesomely dead. And Halle's off investigating! Of course, she doesn't give her information to the cops.

It's not surprising to learn from the IMDB:

The filmmakers filmed three different endings to the film, each with a different character as the killer.

Ah, so I wasn't imagining it: the ending really was arbitrary.

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