URLs du Sox


  • I can has free mattress! Now I wish we'd gotten a sofa too. Oh, well, next year.

  • Had I been in Denver, I probably would have been joining in the cheer reported at the WaPo.
    Watching the jubilation on the field, a sizable contingent of Boston Red Sox fans made their voices heard, and loudly, Sunday night following a 4-3 victory over the Colorado Rockies in Game 4 of the World Series, clinching Boston's second championship in four years.

    The chants, in order: "Re-sign Lowell! Re-sign Lowell!" Followed, in short order, by "A-Rod [stinks]!"

    So they didn't say "stinks", hm? Well, we'll have to think about what they possibly could have said instead.

    Mike Lowell had a sweet slide into home plate last night. Also a homer. He's been consistently excellent and mature all year. He's classy and brave. Also hates Castro more than I do. I'd like to see him back too.

  • Maybe not all Red Sox fans peruse Curt Schilling's blog looking for linguistic oddities, but Mark Liberman does. Mark opines: "Curt is a total VPE monster". VPE stands for "Verb Phrase Ellipsis." Mark's favorite example:
    Ouch. I certainly envisioned the start on Sunday ending in a much different manner than it did, but it didn't.
    As Mark says, it is difficult to know how to feel about a game that didn't end in a much different manner than it did. Or did it?

    Curt wrote that after his 9/16 loss to the Yankees. That was the last game he lost this year, I think, so he's totally forgiven for that and his VPE [proclivity].

  • Interesting fun fact from Red at Surviving Grady:
    The first and last pitches Hideki Okajima threw in 2007 were hit for home-runs. Everything in between was pretty awesome, though.
    Indeed. Looking forward to seeing him next year too.