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This got slagged by the critics (28% at the Tomato), but I liked it OK. It's based (very very very loosely) on a Philip K. Dick short story which I haven't read. Nicolas Cage plays Cris Johnson, who has a psychic gift/curse; the ability to see his immediate future, and change it if he likes. He's trying to live in obscurity as a seedy Vegas magician, also raking in small amounts of winnings at local casinos. And he's waiting for his true love (that nice Jessica Biel), who he's glimpsed coming into a restaurant at 8:09 at some point in his future.

Unfortunately, while he meets Biel, nearly everyone figures out that he's got this handy knack. The FBI, represented by a cool and ruthless female agent (Julianne Moore), wants to use him to catch terrorists who have a nuke in Los Angeles; the terrorists want to kill him; also casino security is a little peeved. The problem with short-range clairovoyance, apparently, is that it's hard to see this kind of stuff happening until it's almost too late.

Anyway: lots of action, good special effects, some genuinely funny scenes, decent acting. The plot is (obviously) ludicrous but nevertheless fun.

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