URLs du Thanksgiving 2007

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope the holiday finds you as blessed as I.

  • I'm still thankful for all the things I was thankful for two years ago.

  • And I think last year's turkey-themed post is still pretty good, and all the links still work except for Lileks' "Myth of Tryptophan" article from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, which is apparently chintzy enough to not keep even classic articles online.

  • Replace that with his "Thanksgiving Video: A Meal for Less than Ten Bucks"

    Note: we will be having the cranberry sauce from that video. Because that's how the Salad family rolls.

  • And Lore Sjöberg brings us Next-Gen Ideas for a Truly Savory Thanksgiving.
    The Biggest Bird

    Why settle for a turkey when you can have a turducken? More to the point, why settle for turducken when you can have ostemugooturduckenuailinch? That's an ostrich, stuffed with an emu, stuffed with a goose, stuffed with a turkey, stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken, stuffed with a quail, stuffed with a finch. How does it taste? Don't ask! It has a great name, though. And next year, if genetic experimentation goes according to plan, they'll be offering a velociraptostemugooturduckenuailinch.

    I am giving thanks today for Lore Sjöberg.

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