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  • Mark Steyn wins the coveted Pun Salad "Read the Whole Thing" Award for this fine day.
    Let me ask a question of my Democrat friends: What does John Edwards really believe on Iraq? I mean, really? To pose the question is to answer it: There's no there there. In the Dem debates, the only fellow who knows what he believes and says it out loud is Dennis Kucinich. Otherwise, all is pandering and calculation. The Democratic Party could use some seriously fresh thinking on any number of issues — abortion, entitlements, racial preferences — but the base doesn't want to hear, and no viable candidate is man enough (even Hillary) to stick it to 'em.
    Our favorite campaign word (begins with "p", ends in "hony") makes an appearance.

  • Continuing on the phony highway, Tom Maguire has related thoughts on the narrow ideological spectrum a Democratic presidential candidate must tread, and concludes:
    As a consequence the Dems have routinely offered candidates (Al Gore, John Kerry) to whom the "phony" label is easily affixed. And why not? - the disconnect between what is aspirational to the party base and what is acceptable to the Great Unwashed virtually obliges them to be phony.
    That explains a lot.

  • Over at American Thinker, neither Andrew Waldman nor Thomas Lifson is a huge Ron Paul fan. Both mention New Hampshire's own Jim C. Perry, until recently the Executive Director of the group "Jews for Ron Paul". I don't know Mr. Perry, and it's probably not (heh) kosher to blame a candidate for the flaws of his supporters, but (quoting the Sultan Knish website linked to by Lifson) …
    Jim C. Perry (James Christian Perry, the C is short for Christian), the Executive Director of Jews for Ron Paul and heavily featured as the spokesman for the front group. Like many Jews for Jesus figures, Jim C. Perry claims to be an Orthodox Jew. … The real Jim C. Perry though is not an Orthodox Jew, though he makes a point of dressing up like one until he's virtually a cartoon. He's gay and is currently married to a gay man and a self-identified Churchgoing Unitarian Universalist. Here he identifies himself as a Seminarian. He has another account where he calls himself Reverend Jim C. Perry H.P., M.D.A. (he also claimed to have a doctorate in English which he apparently modestly left off here all at the tender age of 22) and a Pagan Minister. Briefly he appears to have gone Ward Churchill and began calling himself Jim FlyingEagle. (He may have also used James L. Rush and posted at Cherokee Pride as James L. Rushing River pretending to be Cherokee)
    Whoa, that's … quite ecumenical!

  • But it's not all politics here at Pun Salad. If it's the Sunday after Thanksgiving, it must be time to check out Dave Barry's Holiday Gift Guide.
    Yes, the sad truth is that there are bad people out there -- people who see the holiday season as an opportunity to perpetrate crimes and cruel scams on innocent victims. A good example is this Annual Holiday Gift Guide, which we publish every year in lieu of something that might actually be useful. This year is no exception. We have assembled a collection of gift concepts so unusual, so distinctive, that you will say: ``You made those up, right?''
    But no. Don't miss the "hand soap".

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