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  • I didn't watch last night's GOP debate. At the Weekly Standard campaign blog, "Richelieu" assures me that was a good choice.
    What a depressing debate. CNN's long slide into mediocrity accelerates. Is this what running for president of the greatest democracy in the world has become? Standing in front of CNN's corporate logo in a hall full of yowling Ron Paul loons and enduring clumsy webcam questions from Unabomber look-a-likes in murky basements?
    Yeah, probably.

  • And (via Betsy), Fred Barnes has pointful comments.
    By my recollection, there were no questions on health care, the economy, trade, the S-chip children's health care issue, the "surge" in Iraq, the spending showdown between President Bush and Congress, terrorist surveillance, or the performance of the Democratic Congress.

    Instead there were questions--ones moderator Anderson Cooper kept insisting had required a lot of time and effort by the questioners--on the Confederate flag, Mars, Giuliani's rooting for the Boston Red Sox in the World Series, whether Ron Paul might run as an independent for president, and the Bible. The best response to these questions was Romney's refusal to discuss what the Confederate flag represents. Fred Thompson discussed it.

    Sounds as if I made the right call in watching Pushing Daisies. Really, it's an excellent show.

  • And then there were the plants. Don't get me started on the plants!

  • And (via Insty), Ken Wheaton of Advertising Age is wondering if CNN took a stupid pill:
    Like George W. Bush finding out which 30% of the country still supports them, then doing something to frustrate even those voters, CNN seems intent on finding its few remaining Republican voters and driving them into the arms of Fox News.
    I especially like the actress who plays "Chuck" on Pushing Daisies. Pretty, with impeccable comic timing, and if she's not smart herself, she knows how to act smart, almost as good.

  • But why watch a debate, when you can weigh in (heh) on the candidates' cookie recipes? Amy Kane notes Yankee Magazine's "Cookie Primary" where you can vote for your favorite. Even if you're uninterested in cookies, I defy you to read Amy's mention of Ron Paul without at least chuckling.

    True fact: Bill Richardson's recipe calls for "1 pound lard (a must, no substitutes)". He's a man after my own heart. And arteries.

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