I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

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This is one for the "Sometimes the Critics are Right" department.

The premise is: Chuck and Larry (Adam Sandler and Kevin James, respectively, although I had to look that up) are best fireman buddies. Larry has arguably saved Chuck's life. But Larry's a widower, and due to his own grief he has botched the medical coverage for his kids; if he croaks, they'll be on their way to skid row, or something. So he hatches this plan involving a fake gay marriage to Chuck, which (somehow) fixes things benefit-wise.

Yes, that's pretty far-fetched.

Adam Sandler and Kevin James are both pretty good comics and there are some chuckles here, but I'm pretty sure they're restricted to the first half-hour of the movie. After that, it was pretty dreary, and I nodded off for maybe twenty minutes or so in the middle; that's a sure sign that I didn't much care what happened.

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