The Phony Campaign

2007-12-15 Update

Fred Thompson is surging in the only campaign that matters:

Query StringHit CountChange Since
"Hillary Clinton" phony258,000-97,000
"Ron Paul" phony249,000-42,000
"Fred Thompson" phony233,000+49,000
"Barack Obama" phony229,000-10,000
"John Edwards" phony210,000-14,000
"Mitt Romney" phony209,000+24,000
"Rudy Giuliani" phony186,000-14,000
"John McCain" phony183,000-12,000
"Mike Huckabee" phony150,000-3,000
"Dennis Kucinich" phony104,000+3,000

  • Perhaps part of Fred's problem is his campaign's "apology" to Mike Huckabee, styled after Huckabee's own apology to Mitt Romney about Huckabee's bigoted idiotic unfortunate comments about Romney's Mormonism.

    We apologize for pointing out that as Governor of Arkansas, Huckabee offered in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. That's something he'd probably just as soon no one talk about.

    Funny. But phony. Still, funny.

  • And then there's actual not-from-the-Onion AP news story where candidates were asked "to name their most prized possession." Both Bill Richardson and John McCain have Ted Williams-signed baseballs, and, yeah, if I had one of those I'd probably answer the same way.

    Fred's answer: "Trophy wife."

    The AP helpfully points out: "Fred Thompson's campaign answered tongue in cheek." They may be down in the polls, but they seem to be having a pretty good time.

  • In fact, the AP apparently has a whole thing going with asking the candidates stupid questions. Here's one from yesterday where they "asked presidential candidates to reflect on what they like to do on a lazy day."

    Fred's answer: "Campaigning."

    Interestingly, in this story, there's no disclaimer about the relative placement of tongues and cheeks.

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