URLs du Day Before Christmas


  • Don't say you can't learn something useful from blog-surfing on the day before Christmas. Dan Drezner has discovered a handy shortcut in dealing with voice-recognition robots on the phone. (Warning: a word you can get away with saying no more than once in a PG-13 movie appears at the link, although it's asteriskized.)

  • Lore Sjöberg describes his line of Alt.Santas, in case you're tired of the same old suspiciously jolly fat guy laying a finger aside of his nose, etc. (And what was the deal with that gesture, anyway?) For example, here's my favorite:

    Objectivist Santa

    As this Santa will tell you, the entire concept of "gift giving" is an immoral construction designed to perpetuate a contemptible society based on entitlement and the parasitic draining of those who have earned the fruits of their labors. That an innocent child would be indoctrinated to expect presents with no effort or capital invested into the exchange is an evil unseen since the days of Franklin Roosevelt. Objectivist Santa offers children a choice: They may have a copy of Atlas Shrugged, for which they must give up a beloved toy, or they may choose to writhe and mewl in ignorance, and receive nothing. Objectivist Santa only has to carry around one copy of Atlas Shrugged.

  • And here's a pretty classy Christmas greeting from Fred Thompson:

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