NH Primary Thoughts

Well, I'm certainly glad I didn't make predictions here at Pun Salad. Why should there be any more egg on my face than absolutely necessary?

I did, however, make the mistake of predicting at the dinner table last night that Obama would clean Hillary's clock. In which I was merely echoing the conventional wisdom, more fool I. Had anyone asked, I was also confident that the McCain/Romney race was a squeaker. Fortunately, nobody did.

Pun Daughter, of course, is DEVASTATED that Obama didn't win. Her feelings toward him were unchanged since last February.

She was also DEVASTATED that I voted for Fred Thompson.

I was not DEVASTATED, however, at Fred's puny showing. He might have done better if he'd started earlier and spent more time up here, but … he didn't, so who knows?

The other voter, Mrs. Salad, is also a Democrat, and she refused to tell me for whom she voted, although she narrowed it down to one of the top three. No doubt her reticence is due to my obnoxious comments during their TV ads.

I suspect, though, that she went for Hillary. Because of the crying.

I watched very little election coverage, so I have only a couple of non-comprehensive impressions:

  • I couldn't help but notice that the local TV station's coverage of John McCain's victory was ultrafawning. The correspondent at the McCain headquarters, Kria Sakakeeny, presented his comeback as not merely impressive (which it was), but the victory of hard work, straight talking honesty, and courage against his lazy phony lying weasel opponents. Please.

  • I also watched Kucinich's post-election speech. Ohmigod, the man's a yellin' lunatic demagogue. I don't make these comparisons lightly, but to me, he seems positively Hitleresque; judge for yourself.

    There's also amusing footage at the end of Dennis standing on tippytoes to smooch his much taller wife Elizabeth. After the scary part comes the comic relief.

Final factoid: the previous winner of a seriously contested NH Primary Democrat-side race who went on to win the presidency was: Jimmy Carter, 32 years ago. Since then, winning a contested New Hampshire Primary has been more of a curse; just ask Presidents Kerry, Gore, Tsongas, Dukakis, and Hart. Can Hillary beat that losing streak? ("I hope not!")

The equivalent factoid on the GOP side: George H. W. Bush, 20 years ago.

Hm. And you guys wanted to win this because … ?

Anyway, to the rest of the world: thanks for dropping by, see you in another four years or so.