Freaky Farley

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This was loaned to me by a co-worker who claimed it was almost certainly the best horror movie filmed in Manchester, New Hampshire in the past two years. That's almost certainly correct.

And it was a revelation, because I think it explores new territories in film quality. I'd previously put movie quality on a spectrum:

  1. Good movies, like Casablanca, or Batman Begins.

  2. Bad movies, like Godfather III or Superman Returns.

  3. Movies so bad they're good. Amazon has a list, but I'm sure you can think of others.

  4. But beyond that are movies so bad, they become just bad again. No pleasure, not even guilty pleasure. No laughs, not even laughing at the incompetence of everyone involved. I think the last one of these I watched was Perfect Stranger, the one with Halle Barry and Bruce Willis.

But watching Freaky Farley, I think I've discovered:
  1. Movies so bad that their badness lacks pretense, and approaches perfection.
That's what we have in Freaky Farley, I think. It looks cheap and amateurish, the acting is wooden, the script seems as if it had been made up as the filming progressed. But there's absolutely no indication that they meant to do anything else.

Freaky Farley has its own MySpace page. The DVD has a "Making Of" featurette in addition to the movie, and it appears the filmmakers are a decent and pleasant bunch. So I urge you to buy it and watch it.

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