Is This Irony? I Can Never Tell.

Hillary supporter Geraldine Ferarro gripes that "If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position."

But if Geraldine Ferraro were a white man, we'd all be saying "Who?"

(We'd probably also be saying "Isn't Geraldine kind of an odd name for a white man?" But never mind that.)

The Hinderaker Correction

With regard to the controversy that inspired a huffy post here, John Hinderaker revises and extends his remarks on conservative criticism of McCain:

Conservatives are of course free to criticize anyone they choose, a privilege I indulge in freely.
That's a 180 from this:
And if [conservatives are] going to sit it out, I'd appreciate it if they would sit it out entirely; in other words, stop attacking McCain for his "impurities."
Fine. We'll go with the more recent version.