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Ocean's Twelve

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Working our way through the Ocean's Trilogy. This one isn't that great.

The premise is that Terry Benedict, the casino owner/thug ripped off for millions in the previous movie, has discovered the identities and locations of the gang members. (Who are, in this moral universe, the good guys, because they're cute and funny.) Terry aims to get repaid, and is threatening enough so the gang meekly go along. This involves, of course, stealing other stuff from other people.

It's pretty tedious, and nobody involved in the movie seems to be having any fun.

The soundtrack was annoying.

At a key point in the movie, the character played by Julia Roberts—is called upon to impersonate Julia Roberts! Wacky! But also confusing! Why doesn't the character played by Brad Pitt impersonate Brad Pitt, the character played by George Clooney impersonate George Clooney …

Anyway, some chuckles, and some cleverness, but basically everyone's doing it by the numbers, with no other justification besides squeezing some movie dollars out of the rubes.

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