The Contract

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You've probably heard of the mother's curse: "I hope you grow up to have kids like you." Here's the showbiz twist: John Cusack, who played a lot of obnoxious-kid roles, has now grown up to play father-to-obnoxious-kid roles.

In this case, he decides to take his obnoxious kid on a camping trip in the Washington mountains. (Actually, it's filmed in Bulgaria, which is pretty.) They run into hitman Morgan Freeman, who's both on the run from the law and attempting to fulfill his latest contract. Soon they're being pursued by the hitman's entourage. Local law enforcement is ineffective, and has a poor relationship with their Federal counterparts.

Freeman and Cusack are high-quality professional actors, but nothing about this movie is the least bit credible, and the script is lame. It went directly to DVD. Trivia: it was directed by Bruce Beresford, who also directed Morgan Freeman nearly twenty years ago in Driving Miss Daisy. Probably they both wish you'd judge them by that movie, rather than this one..

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