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  • Not a huge deal, but from a CNN article headlined "Clinton sorry for 'scumbag' remarks, spokesman says":

    CNN Blooper

    Ahh, Bush, Clinton, what's the diff? Who can keep all these scumbag presidents straight, anyway? [Update: CNN has fixed it, but the pixel-grab don't lie.]

  • Another MSM observation on the same topic from Greg Mitchell:
    Apparently the great Grey Lady is still a bit modest. In its account of the Huffington Post scoop on Bill Clinton's tirade against Todd Purdum, The New York Times today quoted some of the ex-president's epithets, including "sleazy" and "slimy" but drew the line at "scumbag."

  • However, this classic article from Slate notes the word's appearance in an April 2006 NYT crossword puzzle. On a Monday, the day for easy ones; it caused a minor outrage. The history of the Times with respect to "scumbag" is provided in some detail.

  • On a completely different topic: the guy that beat me (and, um, a few thousand other contestants) in the New Yorker cartoon contest a few weeks back reveals his winning secrets. He also notes that the cartoon was plagiarized from the sainted Jack Kirby; tsk!

    For the record, my entry was:

    "Our building's on TV? Why?"
    You'll have to click over to the article for that to make sense.

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