Memories of Tim

I'll quote myself from earlier this year, when I saw Tim Russert at the Manchester Radisson:

Also, on my way out, I noted—really—Tim Russert hastening the other direction down a hallway, cellphone clamped to his ear. I smiled in recognition. And even though this only took at most a couple of seconds, I could tell he was totally accustomed to being recognized in public; he smiled back and gave a nod that said: "Yes, I am that guy on TV; thanks for acknowledging that, but please don't try to engage me."

I hope he was able to interpret my nod equally as well: "Wouldn't think of it, Tim. Just going home. Too bad about the Bills."

Now, I wish … well, I'm not sure what. Maybe said "Go see a cardiologist!"

He was less than a year older than I. Although that probably shouldn't make me feel different, it does.

Pejman has an excellent post.

Tim Russert was taken from us far too early. Sundays will never be the same and during the course of this political season, a whole treasure trove of insights and analysis will be missed by lesser journalists and pundits, or will be discovered by the public eye far too late simply because Tim Russert is no longer around to offer them.

He was taken from us far too early. But while we wish that his life could have been longer, we rejoice in the fact that it was so filled and so fulfilling.

Rest in Peace.


Update: Yes, Google Still Hates America

Yesterday's Slate article "Does Google Hate America?" about the company's reluctance to dink its logo in any way that might upset lefties:

Saturday is Flag Day. Will Google do right by America and stand up for Old Glory? [Google's Web-master manager Dennis] Hwang won't say. "The randomness is very important to us," he says. "Otherwise it wouldn't be any fun." You can be sure the right will be watching.

And the answer is…

google logo

Note to Dennis Hwang: that was predictable. Google's "randomness" keeps flipping the coin the same way.

Note to others: have a good Flag Day.

[US Flag]

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