URLs du Jour


  • In case you're not tired of hearing about the MSM trying to pin the Michelle Obama "whitey" tape rumor on conservatives, you can check out Allapundit at Hot Air and/or Michelle Malkin for more details and links.

  • Today's WSJ has an amusing story of extreme sliminess, even by the lax standards of the US Senate:
    Take Senator Kent Conrad, the North Dakota Democrat whose office issued a Friday statement saying that "I never met Angelo Mozilo."
    That's true. Senator Conrad's statement is here. He may have assumed that claiming he'd "never met" Mozilo would deter further inquiry. Oops:
    What he did not say then but admitted under later questioning by a Journal reporter is that, although he may not have had a face-to-face meeting with the Countrywide CEO, Mr. Conrad had called Mr. Mozilo and asked for a loan. The result was a discounted loan on his million-dollar beach house and a separate commercial loan of a type that residential lender Countrywide did not even offer to other customers, regardless of the rate.
    Senator Conrad isn't lying. He's just candor-impaired!

  • An article that should be (but won't be) read by every politician: Who's Making Windfall Profits?
    Let's proceed with a game I'd like to call ... Pick the Profiteer! Your choice will indicate the industry that's clearly making more than its fair share. We'll tax those excess profits to subsidize the unreasonable prices that consumers pay for the industry's products. Sound good? Here are your choices …
    Can you, on numbers alone, pick out the unconscionably greedy oil company from the innocents, whose only crime is being successful?

    And if you can't, why would you expect legislators to be able to? (Via Club For Growth.)