URLs du Jour


  • Rest in peace, Tony Snow. You can't read blogs today without tripping over a lot of genuine admiration for this wonderful guy. Here he is on "Cancer's Unexpected Blessings". It might be a good thing to bookmark, should you ever need to be impossibly brave.

  • Andrew Ferguson pens a funny, yet sad, essay at the Weekly Standard on a bit of tired, yet infuriating, political rhetoric that he acronymizes as CGTYOSI. ("Cause Greater Than Your Own Self-Interest.") With special attention to its use by the current presidential candidates. Read the whole thing.

  • Social commentator Barbara Ehrenreich has devoted a considerable amount of her life to studying and writing about inequality. So I'd imagine she'd be a little depressed to see a blog post from Will Wilkinson take apart her recent comments in a Time interview so convincingly. (Comments Will: "I fear she has no idea what she is talking about.") Will also provides a funny video.

  • If you watch too many movies, like I do, you might want to check out Cracked on "5 Terrible Life Lessons Hollywood Loves to Teach You". It's approximately R-rated, but funny and true:

    1. Technology is Dangerous and Will Eventually Destroy Us

    2. You Don't Have to Take Any Initiative in Your Life, Because You Have a Hidden Talent

    3. Corporations Exist Only to Create Evil

    4. Love Conquers All

    5. The Underdog Will Always Win, and Automatically Deserves To

    (Via And Rightly So!.)

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