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  • Check the polls. Saturday Night Live might consider recycling this sketch from 1992. "I can't believe I'm losing to this guy."

    At QandO, McQ explains what's going on to an incredulous Huffposter.

    So your problem, in short, is most American's don't like mean spirited people who distort and lie about other people and their accomplishments. Unfortunately for you it appears your compatriots on the left just cannot help themselves. It has been an unseemly and, frankly, disgusting display. The present effect, for the record, is known as a "blowback". Enjoy.

  • The coveted Pun Salad Read The Whole Thing Award for today goes to Steve Chapman who looked, unsuccessfully, for even any rhetorical nod toward liberty at the national conventions.

    You will scour the presidential nominees' acceptance speeches in vain for any hint that your life is rightfully your own, to be lived in accordance with your beliefs and desires and no one else's.

    There are important differences between Obama and McCain, of course. But neither one feels the need to even pay lip service to individual freedom, preferring instead to advocate "unselfish" servitude to their preferred collective causes.

  • In related news—well, I think it's related—the Libertarian Party-nominated Bob Barr has qualified to appear on the November election ballot in the Granite State.

    In a typically big-L Libertarian self-destructive move, Barr rival George Phillies will also appear on the NH ballot.

    And Ralph Nader too. Did you know he's actually older than John McCain?

  • Don LaFontaine has passed away; as his website says, he was "arguably the most successful Voice Actor of all time." I'm not going to argue. You've probably heard his voice on uncountable commercials and movie trailers. One of my favorites was for Jerry Seinfeld's Comedian, where… oh right, this is the YouTube era. See for yourself:

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Here are some reasons I thought I might like this movie:

  • It's Norwegian, and I am ethnically Norwegian.

  • It got a high Tomatometer score from the critics (86%)

  • It got "Amanda" awards (Norwegian Oscars) for Best Film, Best Director, and Best Screenplay.

  • One of the actors is named "Elisabeth Sand", and it's possible she's a distant relative.

So I didn't go into this movie expecting to dislike it, yet …

It's the story of two young friends, both aspiring writers. One has early success, but an ill-fated romantic entanglement turns him into a self-destructive nutcase. The other tries to be supportive, but is impeded by his professional jealousy. (Or maybe he's just an idiot; it's hard to tell with these guys.)

There's a lot of angst and enigmatic dialog. But the characters aren't very likeable or interesting, unless, I guess, you're a moody Norwegian writer.

Not for the first time in my life, I said a silent thanks to my grandparents and great-grandparents for emigrating to America. (To any Norwegians reading this: just kidding!)

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