Baby Mama

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Why, no, I didn't watch the presidential debate last night. Instead, I watched Baby Mama. Let's check Virginia Postrel's review of the debate…

McCain is rambling and incoherent, and Obama keeps repeating the untruth that there's hardly any regulation on Wall Street. I want to puke.
So I score that as a win for me. Although there are a couple puke jokes in Baby Mama, I did not actually want to puke myself.

In case you missed the thousands of TV ads: Tina Fey plays a single high-achieving professional woman who desperately wants to become a mother. Unfortunately, her uterus is in bad shape (literally, apparently; I'm not sure how that works). So she goes the surrogate route, hiring white-trash Amy Poehler to host the developing baby.

So the situation is ripe for all sorts of gags: pregnancy gags (including the aforementioned puke gags), culture-clash gags, odd-couple gags, family gags. Also thrown in are business gags; Tina is a "Round Earth Foods" executive, a grocery store for yuppies, helmed by pony-tailed new-agy Steve Martin.

All this is pulled off by professional comic actors. It's OK, not great. Normally this would rate three stars, but my insane infatuation with the lovely, funny, intelligent Tina Fey compels me to stick on an extra half star.

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