88 Minutes

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I should have believed the 5% TomatoMeter rating. This is pretty bad.

But it sounds as if it could have been good: Al Pacino plays forensic psychologist Jack Gramm, who has testified in court to help convict Jon Forster as the "Seattle Slayer" serial rapist/murderer. However, even with Forster safely on Death Row, another murder is committed with the Slayer's MO. Worse, Dr. Gramm receives a phone call notifying him that he has only—guess how long—88 minutes to live. (And, according to the IMDB, that's exactly how long the rest of the movie takes. It seems much, much, longer.)

I could go on and on about what I didn't like about the movie. Even in retrospect, the plot makes no sense. Al Pacino is a great actor, but he delivers most of his lines here like he was about to nod off. Just about every main character acts weird and suspicious, including Gramm. (A couple characters simply show up to act weird and suspicious, then never appear again.) People talk way too much on cell phones.

There are no real clues or progress toward the solution of the mystery. Gramm just bumbles around somnolently until it's time for the real villain to be unveiled. That happens, movie over.

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