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  • Guilty secret: I am a New Yorker subscriber.

    For the cartoons, I swear.

    The latest issue arrived yesterday:

    [New Yorker Cover]

    Get it? Over the Lincoln Memorial? The moon turned into an "O" in the title? Which stands for… Get it?

    Are we in for (at least) four years of tedious sycophancy? All signs point to yes. Here's Roger Angell:

    When the news came, not late on Tuesday night, we did some hugs and high fives at my place, drank a little champagne, and dampened up at the sight of Jesse Jackson in tears amid the crowd of a hundred and fifty thousand or so in Chicago.

    It's like a print version of MSNBC. But if you keep reading, there's a pretty good story of Angell's (single) black Harvard classmate, buried amongst the guilt-tripping sanctimony.

    At Cafe Hayek, Don Boudreaux is appropriately terrified by the cover's symbolic secular theology, and deploys a Mencken quote in defense. (Remember those movies where they held up a cross to fend off a vampire? Same kind of deal.)

  • Will Wilkinson is horrified by another objet d'art in the same vein. Aiieee!

  • I plan on making a rare visit to an actual sit-down movie theatre to see Quantum of Solace pretty soon. If you're a 007 fan, you might enjoy Cracked takes on 7 Methods for Coping with Tragedy (Courtesy of James Bond) and The 15 Most Cringe-Worthy James Bond Puns. As usual with Cracked, the humor is rated sophomoric-R. Right up our alley, in other words.

  • A selection from this week's Rochester (NH) Police Log:

    Wednesday, Oct. 29

    4:26 p.m. — On Norway Plains Road, a man reports the theft of a pair of work boots and an Obama sign. A well-heeled Republican is not suspected.

    Never fear, your faithful blogger has an airtight alibi.

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