URLs du Jour


  • P. J. O'Rourke pleads at the Weekly Standard:
    Hello? Bailout people? Mr. Secretary of the Treasury Paulson? Aren't you forgetting somebody? Like me? I'm a print journalist. Talk about financial meltdown! Print journalists may soon have to send their kids to public schools, feed dry food to their cats, and give up their leases on Prius automobiles and get the Hummers that are being offered at such deep discounts these days.

  • Andrew J. Coulson ponders the hypocrisy involved in President-elect Obama sending his kids going to the private Sidwell Friends school while he steadfastly opposes private school choice programs.

    And while many reports will no doubt trumpet the $25,000+ tuition at Sidwell Friends, implying that this is extravagantly beyond what is spent in D.C. public schools, they will be mistaken. As I wrote in the Washington Post and on this blog, D.C. public schools also spent about $25,000 per child in the 2007-08 school year.

    It’s not that president-elect Obama is against spending a lot of money on other people’s kids — he’s just against letting their parents choose where that money is spent.

  • I love watching House. Almost as good: Michael Swaim's article describing how to write your own House episode.