URLs du Jour


  • My inner-nine-year-old joke of the day: instead of the "Employee Free Choice Act" (EFCA), they should call it the "Free Employee Choice Annihilation Law" (FECAL).

    Heh, I crack me up.

  • Frank J. lightly fictionalizes Obama's introduction of his national security team. Excerpt:
    "Moving on," Obama said, "My choice for Secretary of Homeland Security is Janet Napolitano. She lived in a border state."

    "So what are your qualifications to secure the United States?" a reporter asked Napolitano.

    "I can see Mexico from my house!" Napolitano answered.

    Saturday Night Live should hire Frank J.

  • A rough Saturday, as reported in this week's Rochester (NH) Police Log:
    Saturday, Nov. 22

    3:00 a.m. -- On Maple Street, someone has thrown a bottle with something in it (probably not a ship) at a car.

    8:10 a.m. -- A fat old woman is seen kicking a dog on Portland Street.

    8:54 a.m. -- A bike is found in a Lafayette Street back yard.

    1:10 p.m. -- At the station a man reports his bike was stolen from Signal Street this morning. Hmm.

    2:38 p.m. -- On Brock Street an aquarium, appears to hold a snake; police say it's not there-ium, it could be a mistake.

    6:55 p.m. -- Missing from Academy Street is a black, longhair cat with a white strip, giving the appearance of a skunk. As an extra drawback, it is deaf.

    10:22 p.m. -- There is a fight outside Gary's Sports Bar over "a Mountain Men issue." No one is willing to talk.

    10:42 p.m. -- Eight boulders crash into a house on Wallace Street.

    For a bonus, there's this bit of observation relating to New Hampshire's general lack of diversity:
    Sunday, Nov. 23

    3:55 a.m. -- At Cumberland Farms on Knight Street, three men, described as white and intoxicated (which rules out hardly any person still afoot) steal wood from the front of the store.