URLs du Jour


  • Sean Higgins is talkin' 'bout my generation and its reaction to the notion of appointing Sweet Caroline Kennedy to Hillary Clinton's Senate seat.
    Dear 'Boomers,

    What the hell is it with you and the Kennedy clan? Why do you adore that family so? You have a devotion to them normally only seen in teenage girls for the boy band of the moment. For the love of God, why?

    Yeah, we suck. Sorry.

    We're also about to collect tons of your entitlement cash too. Again, sorry.

  • Iowahawk has screenshots of Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich's eBay offering. Warning: contains language of the sort Governor and Mrs. Blagojevich use.

  • Apparently Senate Republicans are trying to throw themselves in front of the oncoming locomotive that is the auto bailout. If it's not too late, e-write your state's Senators and your Congresscritter to let them know your thoughts. If you're stumped on the wording, I suggest this bit of eloquence from Tom Smith at the Right Coast:
    I am so with the Senate Republicans on this one. What is Bush thinking. This is just pure dumbness. Some things you think won't work. But this thing just can't work. An "auto czar"? Are you kidding? Who is this unknown genius who can pull industries out of the tank? What a man of mystery he must be, since with talent that that, he should be worth billions. Does he live in a Palace of Solitude somewhere? This $15 billion would be better spent giving it to some nunnery in France and asking them to pray 24/7 for a miracle.
    … or something like that.

  • Via Protein Wisdom, the periodic table of awesoments. This would go up on my cubicle, were it not for element Bb. That would get me shipped off to a mandatory sexual harassment sensitivity awareness workshop.

    Oh, wait, that's happening anyway.