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  • Today's NYT had an article about unconventional "service" animals: a seeing-eye pony, for example. But Ann Althouse's blog entry about the article is much shorter and more fun. (And there are, of course, legal aspects, which makes it very relevant for Lawprof Althouse. Although she also comments, "Gee, wasn't that little horsey cute?")

  • Amtrak runs a photo contest, inviting amateurs to submit pictures of their trains in action. Unfortunately, they also hire cops to arrest people taking pictures of their trains in action.

    Is that irony? I can never tell.

  • Mr. Clint Eastwood describes "What I've Learned" at Esquire. And when Mr. Eastwood chooses to impart wisdom, I'd suggest you listen up and listen hard, punk.

    (Via, of course, Dirty Harry's Place. Which, in case you didn't know, is a great blog for conservative opinion, smart takes on movies, and your daily hubba-hubba.)


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Audrey Tatou plays Irene, a—no need to be delicate about this—golddigger looking for a sugar daddy to buy her nice things. One night at a fancy French hotel, through a merry mixup, she gets involved with Jean. Jean's actually on the hotel's staff, which allows him to maintain this slight deception for a brief time. Long enough, if you get my drift.

Hey, it's Audrey Tatou. Who could blame him?

But eventually Irene discovers the truth, and it's all over. Or is it? Because Jean follows Irene like a puppy looking for another bone, messing up her diligent search for another guy to support her in the manner to which she's become accustomed.

You might think: I know where this is headed. So did I, but (to its credit) the movie takes some very unexpected twists on the way to its conclusion.

It's in French, with English subtitles. Someone should tell subtitlers that when the French dialog is "Cherie", it's not necessary to translate this to "Honey" in the subtitle. "Cherie" is fine.

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